How Can You Create an Online Business that

Makes Sales Day-In and Day-Out?

By creating your own digital products . . .

-Products you give for free to get more subscribers

-Products you sell at an entry-level price

-Products with top-tier prices

Follow a proven strategy that continues to make money regularly. It took me years to figure out the best methods to create a digital product and launch it.

I don't want you to take years. So, I pulled together all I do with new products and created our 6 Week Recipe to Creating Digital Products ... that anyone can follow.

Really ... anyone can follow!

You'll receive checklists and resources as well as lessons for 6 weeks. Take a look.

What will you discover in our 6 week recipe?

  • 6 Tips to a Successful Digital Product Business
  • What product you should create
  • How to create your product outline
  • How to choose a topic your audience really needs & wants
  • What to do each week to create an entire product in 6 weeks
  • How to use online workshops or webinars in your product
  • How to create a registration page
  • How to get others to sell your product online
  • What type emails to send
  • How to use a giveaway in our product launch
  • Easy-Peasy way to create your ebook
  • How to price your product
  • How to launch your product successfully
  • How to create build-up before your launch
  • How to “beef up” your digital product so it’s a no-brainer for buyers

You receive all the tools you need

to get started creating products.

  6 Week Recipe to Creating Digital Products ... that Anyone Can Follow
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