Tools to Boost Your Business to the Next Level

In Raising Leaders, Not Followers, you will go from feeling scattered, overwhelmed and worried about doing enough or the wrong activities in your homeschool TO feeling focused and intentional with your kids’ education from Kindergarten to High School.


BOOST! Tools to BOOST Your Business to the Next Level

The fuel and tools for online businesses to know how to get started and take your business to the next level ... with a proven business & marketing plan

You'll experience confidence to know you're serving your customers and giving them solutions to their challenges, while making money with integrity.

BOOST! is a good fit for you if you're a ..

  • Stay at Home Mom who wants to start an online business, but confused what to next, but you're not sure where to start or what's most important to start making money

  • Blogger or Online Business Owner who is barely making any money or only making a part time income, trying to figure out what would move you to a full time income. Too often, you find yourself chasing the shiny objects or confused about who to follow or listen to in order to make a real income.

  • Empty Nester wanting to do something significant to help others and you think going online is the way to go, but you're not sure if your idea is viable.

  • Single mom or dad who NEEDS to make this work just to support your family and going online will give you the freedom to spend time with your kids and work from home.

I had a coaching call with her last week. I love her nuggets of wisdom. She helped me take an admittedly outrageous content creation goal and break it into doable bites. Gosh, she just helped me with so many areas. You will absolutely feel so much more confident after your call w/ her. I highly encourage you to take her up on it if you’ve been thinking about it!

Richie Soares, Homeschool and Humor

By the end of this course, you will know ...

How to effectively connect the dots from your web visitors first visit to selling your product.

How to create a plan to put your business on autopilot, with all the details in place to make money.

Where to start in YOUR business right now, which tasks to do and what order to do them

How to make money with affiliate income as you create your own products to sell

How to create a rock solid marketing plan

Be able to talk through your bumps, with others who understand, support and can help you get to the next level

Quit following the next shiny object, and simplify your life as a online business owner.

Use a proven system to review where you are right now and where you need to go in the next few months

Use the one DAILY activity that will educate your kids for life. If you can’t get everything done, choose this activity every time.

How to grow your email list for FREE

How to build relationships so your readers buy from you

Growth as a solopreneur is slow and steady, but I am seeing growth. With guidance from Kerry and the mastermind, I have been able to launch new products, add affiliates to help me sell products, do a live one-day event and launch my membership.

Justina, of Jus’ Classical

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